The Blitz has been nominated for the audience award at the Dutch film festival.

Last Tuesday the Dutch film festival announced that The Blitz is part of the top 3 films nominated for the audience award.

The blitz won two important film prices in Amerika last year. The special jury award in Houston, Texas and the audience award in Stony Brook, New York. Hopefully we can add the audience award from the Dutch film festival.

The blitz is based on the events on the 14th of May in 1940, the blitz of Rotterdam.

The blitz is a thrilling love story between the young boxer Vincent and the German Eva, who soon has to marry the with middle-aged Dirk to save her family. While the war starts in the Netherlands their impossible love inflames. May 14, 1940, the day that the centre of Rotterdam is bombed, the young lovers lose sight of each other.

Voting for The blitz is possible until Friday. The ceremony takes place on Friday evening in Utrecht.

Vote for The blitz: http://www.filmfestival.nl/publiek/nieuws/stem-nu-op-het-gouden-kalf-voor-de-upc-publieksprijs/