Majesteit - Her Majesty

Majesteit - Her Majesty

A battle is raging at the heart of our kingdom and it is the monarchy itself that is at stake. It is the day of the state opening of parliament, a year has passed since the death of the love of her life, Prince Claus. Beatrix has doubts about everything. About the monarchy, about the trustworthiness of her sons and, finally, about herself. Tensions mount when the Prime Minister wants to change the text just before Beatrix has to speech on "Budget Day''. Beatrix is resisting. She doesn't want to be the woman who dances to another's tune any longer. Parliament watches her with bated breath. Will she protect our kingdom? Tradition, love, loss, doubt, intrigue, power and betrayal. Finally, we meet the woman behind Queen Beatrix.

A fascinating, intriguing and revealing feature film about Queen Beatrix.

Golden Calf 'Best Supporting Actor'2010
Nominated for Award of Film Critics at Dutch Film Festival, 2010

Awards and Nominations

Golden Calf: Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Jeroen Willema as Prince Claus)

Nomination: Award of the Dutch Film Criticism

Beatrix Beatrix en Claus Maxima en Willem Alexander Claus en Beatrix in Afrika