Romantic Comedy

Costa de TV Serie

Costa! is a movie about love, jealousy, friendship and sex in the popular Spanish resort town Salou.

The story about a wild week at the Spanish coast. Romance at the beach, competition on the dance floor. Salty water, sweet kisses.

For the first time in her life, Janet, a spontaneous smart girl, goes away on a holiday to Spain together with her sister Angela and her two arrogant friends Joyce and Maureen. And there she meets Rens. 

Rens, the boyish beach-god of the Spanish coast, works as a promoter (`proper`) for Ian, the owner of the trendy club `Costa!`. Together with girl crazy Tommy, easygoing Bjorn, Frida, the most desirable woman of the beach, and `wanna-be proper` Bart, he addresses mostly female tourists on the sun-drenched beaches and crowded boulevards. One leads to another; Rens and his colleagues roll into many hot holiday-romances.

This specific week the annual prestigious dance contest is the order of the day. The victorious club will yield business advantages apart from honour. Good reasons for Ian, the owner of Costa! to have everybody focused, in order to keep the competitive club `Empire` from winning the price again. 

When Rens falls in love with a strange and different girl like Janet of all people, there is total confusion and commotion with his friends. Frida is jealous, while Tommy and Bjorn don`t even like the clumsy Janet. Till Janet shows her dance-talent...

Janet and Rens try to bear up against all the Mediterranean indignation and disturbance while they get to know eachother better and better.

Costa the TV series is based on Costa! the movie.