When Jason's girlfriend, Freya, disappears, he learns things are not always what they seem. His search for the truth behind who she really was and what happened to her leads him to an illegal gang of thrill seekers. Within no time, Jason finds himself is sucked into the thrill. And just as Jason believes he is about to find out the truth, he realizes this is only the beginning.

Freya (21) and Jason (24) have been together since they were teenagers. Freya's father owns one of the largest law firms in the world. He has carefully mentored Jason into becoming a lawyer to his firm. Coming from a less privileged background, Jason is content with the way life is taking him.

When we first meet Freya and Jason, they stand eye to eye arguing: she confronts him with existential questions. Obviously, a growing distance is threatening to ruin their relationship. Freya alternates from manipulative the one minute to lovable the next. And one night, when Jason shows complete indifference to who she has become, they enter into serious fight at which Freya ends their relationship.

The next morning, cops find Freya's car at the bottom of a ravine. Jason is prime suspect as a break up with Freya could ruin his career. Jason faces the risk of losing his comfortable life if not at least his respectability. He realizes there's only one thing he can do: prove his innocence and for that, he has to find out the truth.

He sets out to investigate and discovers Freya led a double life as a thrill seeker and was member of a gang the police have been after for quite some time. He finds his way to them. Even though the leader of the gang, Wacko, is suspicious of Jason, they take him in after leading him through a series of tests. Paranoia plays heavy on his nerves, but not once does Jason reveal his true identity. Did Freya know something she shouldn't have? What is Wacko trying to hide? Why does Breeze remind him so much of Freya, in fact, could she still be alive? And then there's Ben, who exploits an underground video store. He helps the gang with gear, technical support and if necessary, even weapons. In return, they give him dv tapes of their death defying stunts for him to sell under the counter. What part could he have played in all this?

Ironically, Jason's arrival brings fresh spirit into the team and he finds himself liking the thrills more than he should. He is torn between the addiction and his search for the truth. His initial goal seems to slowly transform into a fascination for the ultimate thrill. Also, he faces moral conflict as his loyalty to Freya is tested by his increasing compassion for Breeze. And all the while we feel a sense of closeness to Freya.

One day, Jason's life blows up in his face: he is fired and there's an arrest warrant out for him. Everything he once values seems to have lost all relevance. Except for one thing: Freya. He is jolted into giving his search one last boost. Now, with there being nothing left to loose, the truth finally reveals itself. Freya is dead and for reasons he could never have foreseen...

Adrenaline: Save me from myself...